Nilar Myint, MD


Board-certified, Dr. Myint received her MBBS from the University of Medicine Mandalay. In 2012, she shadowed Internal Medicine Physicians at Northcote Medical Center while providing care to the diverse London population. In 2013 Dr. Myint worked at the Wellcome Healthcare center as an Internal Medicine Physician.  There she diagnosed and managed chronic medical illnesses while collaborating with multidisciplinary doctors for treatment plans. In 2020, Dr. Myint also completed an elective rotation in Oncology and cardiology in State University of NY in Brooklyn as well as GI and Endocrinology in St John’s Episcopal Hospital.


She has researched problems regarding the prevalence of water-borne illnesses in local demographics and safe water. Dr. Myint’s data collection on hypertension and diabetes among the village population and analysis of its distribution in terms of age, ethnic groups, diet and lifestyles have had a great impact. Her research has lead her to be published in the Preventive Medicine Journal.


During the peak of COVID-19,  Dr. Nilar Myint completed her Internal Medicine residency at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. Dr. Myint worked with the healthcare team to deliver direct care for COVID inpatients and outpatients. While assisting senior residents with COVID relief, Dr. Myint simultaneously completed a rotation with infectious disease and Pulmonology consultants.


Dr. Myint is a member of the American Medical Association as well as the American College of Physicians. She is trilingual and speaks English, Burmese and Mandarin.


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