About this Service

North Shore Cardiac Imaging Family Medical Health offers experience in helping patients with obesity. Obesity is defined as too much body fat and can make a person more susceptible to serious illness. Losing weight is key to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. 

Our obesity expert, Michael Cohn, MD, specializes in personalized diet and meal planning, and the treatment of hormonal conditions related to obesity. We can evaluate patients considering bariatric surgery. We also treat obesity-related conditions to improve quality of life. 

Because every patient is different, understanding the cause of obesity is essential to treatment. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation, including a medical history. It will include understanding your eating and activity habits, and making the necessary modifications, whether behavioral or medicinal, to return to a healthy and sustainable weight. 

A thorough medical evaluation will lead to a plan to better manage the diet to lose weight. Using their expertise, patients can noticeably improve their condition. 

If appropriate, our providers can lay out a plan to increase physical activity and instill better movement habits to improve care for patients. 

Medication can cause a dramatic and sustainable change in weight and health. When appropriate, our providers can offer the right medications to help manage weight and improve health outcomes.

In some cases, weight loss surgery, called bariatric surgery, might be an option to help lose weight. We specialize in determining the safest, longest-lasting course of care.

We have an obesity expert ready to create a specialized treatment plan for you today. Call us now at (516) 328-9797 or Contact Us Online to schedule your appointment today.

Our Obesity Expert